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We offer cheap car hire in Spain including Alicante, Canaries, Madrid, Malaga, Mallorca ,Menorca, Murcia, Tenerife and all Spain locations. Car Hire Spain have full range of fleets from cheap economy options to luxury range, all our fleets are new and cars. Car Hire Spain offers unbeatable prices compare to leading car hire companies.

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Spain Overview

When you travel to Spain, make sure to visit destinations like Barcelona , Madrid , Seville , Toledo and Malaga . Be sure to visit the famous La Alhambra near Cordoba , and participate in water sports along the Spanish Riviera . But before you travel to Spain , be sure to educate yourself on all that you can expect with this Spain travel guide. Driving north from Granada to Madrid, we passed through La Mancha, the sun-baked land at the heart of Spain. This is Don Quixote country, where Cervantes' hero tilted at windmills, thinking they were giants. As we neared the town of Consuegra, we spotted a row of windmills on the horizon and suddenly realized that Don Quixote might not have been so deluded after all: From a distance, they did indeed look like giants issuing a challenge.

Spain is loaded with such moments - when the ideal of what you fantasize the country to be suddenly materializes in front of you. Almost every town and village has its own fiesta, which it's easy to stumble upon and join unannounced. A short walk through many a Spanish city can lead you past a Moorish fort, a bar where tapas and wine are consumed with gusto, or through a park where a guitarist is practicing. Young lovers embrace in the ancient streets, flamenco stars dance with a fury both rehearsed and passionate. Spain can be wonderfully theatrical and earthy at the same time.

Before You Go

Travel Money

You can pay for your hire car in pounds before you leave for Spain, but you'll want to make sure you've got euros ready for when you get there.

Often you'll get the best deals and exchange rates using prepaid travel money cards, or dedicated 0% foreign exchange credit cards. If you're having trouble getting a good credit card, then the chances are that your credit rating is fairly poor.

A common reason why a person's credit rating might be poor is down to successive loan or other card repayments being either paid late or not at all. If this sounds familiar, you might want to look at some short term debt management solutions before you leave, so that you can holiday in peace and get the most from your money while you do.


Madrid, Spain - Madrid may not have the glamour or user-friendliness of Barcelona, but what it lacks in style it more than makes up for in substance, with a remarkable collection of museums and galleries, beautiful parks and gardens and wild nightlife.

Costa del Sol, Spain - Extending from Tarifa in the southwest to Cabo de Gata, Costa del Sol has a climate of eight months of spring like weather and four months of summer. This fantastic climate has brought tourists from around the world to luxuriate on the sunny beaches.

Tenerife, Spain - Another hugely popular island, Tenerife, the largest of the Canaries, has both flat areas (covered with banana plantations) and mountainous areas. The volcanic Mt. Teide, the centerpeice of Teide National Park , is the highest mountain on Spanish territory. Over 12,000 ft/3,660 m tall, it soars above much of the island.

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