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- Car Hire Gran Canaria Airport : Gran Canaria International Airport (IATA: LPA, ICAO: GCLP), also known as Las Palmas International Airport is an airport located on Gran Canaria Island, Spain, in the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa. It is the largest airport in the Canary Islands and the only airport in the islands with two runways, allowing it to have up to 53 landings and take-offs per hour.

Car Hire Spain

- Car Hire Mallorca : Mallorca has many traditional customs, One particular Christmas tradition on Mallorca which goes back for possibly 200 years are the making of NEULES these are basically, folded white paper which is cut with scissors or a sharp knife into geometric patterns or amazing figurative scenes, these small paper cut outs, of usually about 20cm. or less in diameter are then hung as seasonal decorations, a cheap way for the poor to have some Christmas cheer.

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- Car Hire Tenerife :Tenerife is a small island but has a very definite character and two very different climates. Dominated by a huge mountain range the south side is sunny hot and arid. Travel agents send most clients here. It is where the concrete jungle of hotels are situated, where there are large numbers of time-share touts and indeed hucksters of every description. The roads from hotel to beach and the very beach itself is crowded with them.


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